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Ethical Guidelines for Researchers by Journal of the Society of Disaster Information


Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this guideline shall be to establish the values of fairness and sincerity as the requirements regarding every research and technology development involving the incorporated association, the Korean Society of Disaster Information(KOSDI) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Society’).


Article 2 (Research Ethics Protocol) Members of the Korean Society of Disaster Information shall develop research and technology that minimize the human and property damage arising from a variety of disasters and conduct research from diverse perspectives, thereby contributing socially and establishing the safe society in which people are protected from disasters.


Article 3 ① (Proper R&D Activities) There shall not be improper research activities, including forgery, falsification, plagiarism, improper author designation, etc., with respect to research recommendation, performance, report and publication. Also, the members shall make efforts to improve research environment so that improper research activities shall not arise.


② (Protection of Research Subjects, etc.) Members of the Korean Society of Disaster Information shall comply with the relevant laws, regulations, and rules with respect to research subjects or cooperators and make efforts to take priority concerning their interests and protect them.


③ (Applicable Scope) This Guideline shall be applicable to every researcher and employee who is related to-directly or indirectly-the R&D activities conducted by this Society.


④(Submission) The paper submitted to this Society shall make sure that it has not been submitted to other Societies. Also, the paper shall not be based upon improper research activities.

⑤ (Research Ethics Pledge) In principle, anyone who submits to the Society shall sign Research Ethics Pledge and submit it to the Society.


Article 4 (Restrictions with Respect to Research Behavior)

① Research behavior herein shall indicate the acts of forgery, falsification, plagiarism, or unfair author designation, etc. occurred during the research and development relating to paper, academic journal, R&D related to the Society and the members of the Korean Society of Disaster Information shall make efforts not to commit research misbehavior acts.


1. “Forgery” shall mean the act of falsifying inexistent data or research outcome, etc;

2. “Falsification” shall mean the act of manipulating research material, equipment, process, etc., or transforming or deleting data at random, thereby distorting research contents or outcome;

3. “Plagiarism” shall mean the act of appropriating ideas, research contents or outcome of others without proper approval or quotation;

4. “Improper author designation” shall mean the act of failing to cite the person who has made scientific and technological contribution to research contents or outcome without reasonable grounds, or the act of citing the person who has not made scientific and technological contribution as the way of expressing appreciation or for the sake of courtesy.

5. Act of intentionally interfering with the investigation on the accusations regarding misbehavior of the accused or others or act of harming an informant; and

6. Other acts not within the scope ordinarily tolerated in the disaster-related areas, etc.

② In the case that the misbehavior recognition has been detected, other related evidence has arisen during the inspection or an informant has made a report, the Chairman of Research Ethics Committee shall convene the Research Ethics Committee and initiate the proceedings on the accusation of the misbehavior lodged against the accused in order to prove the validity of such claim. If the investigation outcome is determined to establish the misbehavior, the script submitted by the accused shall be retracted and the submission shall be limited within the next five (5) years.

③ Anyone who has committed research misbehavior and defamed the reputation of the Society may be suspended from the activities of the Society for up to five (5) years, depending on the severity of such misbehavior.


Article 5 (Research Ethics Committee)

① Research Ethics Committee shall consider, review, and approve the matters concerning the investigation of misbehavior, validity inspection, review result evaluation, implementation of post-measures, judgment, etc.


② The members of Research Ethics Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman or with the recommendation by the Chairman and Vice Chairman and the consent of the majority among such persons with respect to the person recommended.


③ Upon the report of the research misbehavior, the verification and inspection standards regarding the validity of the research shall follow the guideline set by Research Ethics Committee.


④ Other matters not stipulated herein shall be determined by the members of Research Ethics Committee.


Supplementary Provision 1.

This guideline herein shall be effective starting from July 1, 2013.