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December 2020. pp. 691-700
Purpose, Methoud: In this study, a survey was conducted on elementary school students in the region of Youngdong, Gangwon Province, to find out their awareness about their forest fire disaster experiences, the occurrence of forest fire, forest fire disaster education and coping behaviors for it. It's meant to provide some information on forest fire education based on the results of the survey. Four research questions were posed: 1. What is the awareness of elementary school students on their own forest fire disaster experiences? 2. What is their awareness on the occurrence of forest fire disaster? 3. What is their awareness on forest fire disaster education? 4. What is their awareness on coping behaviors for it? Result: The findings of the study were as follows: First, as for awareness on forest fire disaster experiences, 95.8 percent of the students that accounted for the majority knew about the meaning of forest fire. The students who knew about the meaning of disaster represented 80.8 percent. Second, as for awareness on the occurrence of forest fire, 35.8 percent thought forest fire broke out the most in summer. The students who had never seen forest fire in person accounted for 79.2 percent, which were the majority. Concerning the route of being aware of forest fire, the largest number of the students learned about it from TV, followed by families, friends, teachers, radio/schools and textbooks. Third, as for learning experiences on forest fire disaster, the students who had received this education accounted for 83.3 percent, which were the majority. This education was mostly provided by schools, and the second most common educational place was fire stations. Fourth, as for coping behaviors for the occurrence of forest fire, 80.5 percent replied they would dial the 119 emergency center, and the second most dominant answer was going up to the mountaintop, followed by quickly coming down to go home and having no idea. Conclusion: Through this study, It is judged that education on forest fire disasters and production of educational materials should be consistent and continuous education should be conducted.
연구목적, 방법:본 연구는 강원도 영동지역 초등학생들을 대상으로 산불 재난 경험, 산불 발생, 산불 재난교육, 산불 대처 행동에 대한 인식을 설문조사하였고, 산불재 난교육에 대한 기초자료 제공하는 것을 목적으로 하였다. 연구결과: 첫째, 산불재난 경험에 대한 인식에서 산불의 뜻에 대해 알고 있는 학생이 95.8%, 재난의 의미에 대해 알고 있는 학생은 80.8%로 나타났다. 둘째, 산불 발생에 대한 인식으로는 산불이 여름에 가장 많이 발생한다고 35.8%가 생각하였다. 산불이 난 것을 본 적이 없는 학생은 79.2%로 대부분을 차지하였다. 산불의 인지 경로는 텔레비전을 통해서 접한 학생이 가장 많았고, 다음으로 가족, 친구들, 선생님, 라디오와 학교, 교과서 순으로 나타났다. 셋째, 산불재난 학습경험으로는 산불재난 교육을 배운 적이 있는 학생이 83.3%로 대부분을 차지하였다. 산불재난 교육은 학교가 대부분이었고 소방서가 그 다음으로 나타났다. 넷째, 산불 발생에 대한 대처행동으로는 119 신고를 80.5%가 응답하였고, 산꼭대기로 올라간다, 얼른 집으로 내려온다, 모르겠다 순으로 나타났다. 결론: 본 연구를 통해 산불재난에 대한 교육과 교육자료 제작이 일관성 있고 지속적으로 이루어져야 할 것으로 판단된다.
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  • Publisher(Ko) :한국재난정보학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of the Society of Disaster Information
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