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September 2019. pp. 347-357
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present a method for effectively conducting discussion-based training in disaster response safety training. Method: To this end, we analyzed the disaster response training of developed countries and suggested the training scenarios by applying the war-game process that is currently applied in the operation planning of our military. Result: In one disaster situation, several contingencies could be identified, and supplementary requirements for the manual could be derived. Conclusion: Therefore, in conclusion, if the military war-game process is applied to the discussion-based training in disaster response safety training, effective training can be carried out.
연구목적: 재난대응안전한국훈련시 토론기반훈련을 효과적으로 실시하기위한 방법을 제시하기 위함이다. 연구방법: 이를위해 선진국의 재난대응훈련을 분석하고, 현재 우리 군에서 작전계획 수립시 적용하고 있는 워-게임(War-Game) 과정을 적용하여 훈련 시나리오를 제시하였다. 연구결과: 한가지 형태의 재난 상황에서 수개의 우발상황을 염출할 수 있었고, 매뉴얼에 대한 보완소요를 도출해 낼 수 있었다. 연구결론: 따라서, 결론적으로 군의 워-게임(War-Game) 과정을 재난대응안전한국훈련시 토론기반훈련에 적용한다면 효과적인 훈련이 진행될 수 있다.
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  • Publisher :The Korean Society of Disaster Information
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국재난정보학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of the Society of Disaster Information
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  • Volume : 15
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  • Pages :347-357