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2019 Vol.15, Issue 3

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September 2019. pp. 313-322
Purpose: To inform the danger of fire as the installation of freezing warehouse similar to the principle of refrigerator increases. Method: The fire probability of the control panel was high, and the risk of fire was examined through a reproducing experiment centering on the magnetic contactor. For this purpose, experiments were conducted on temperature changes of MC due to overcurrent, switching, coil deterioration, poor contact, and tracking of partial contact terminals. Result: Experimental results showed that the risk of ignition was not high in the measurement of temperature change of MC due to overcurrent and switching, but the durability degradation effect was expected, and the risk of ignition was largely confirmed in the experiments due to deterioration, poor contact, and tracking. Conclusion: After measuring the MC part of the defrost heater in the state of applying voltage with thermal imaging camera, 139.4℃ was measured after 5minutes and when it rose to 194V, 157.3℃ was measured and the voltage was gradually increased for 10minutes. Let's stop the operation after the flame generated with smoke inside, and the internal temperature was measured at 168.2℃ and proved the danger through the reproducing experiment.
연구목적: 냉장고원리와 비슷한 냉동창고 설치가 증가함에 따라 화재도 증가하고 있어 위험성을 알리기 위함이다. 연구방법: 제어반 부분의 화재 개연성이 높아 전자접촉기를 중심으로 재현 실험을 통하여 화재 위험성을 살펴보았다. 이를 위해 과전류, 스위칭(Switching)에 따른 MC의 온도 변화, 코일 열화, 접촉 불량, 접촉단자 부분 트래킹 실험 등을 실시하였다. 연구결과: 실험결과 과전류실험과 스위칭(Switching)에 따른 MC의 온도 변화 측정에서는 발화 위험성은 높지 않으나 내구성 저하 영향 등이 예상되고, 열화, 접촉불량, 트래킹에 의한 실험에서는 발화 위험성이 상당 부분 확인되었다. 결론: 전압 인가 상태의 제상히터용 MC 부분을 열화상카메라로 측정한 결과 5분경과 후 139.4℃가 측정, 194V로 상승시켰을 때 파열음이 발생하면서 157.3℃가 측정, 10분 동안 점차적으로 전압을 상승시키자 내부에서 연기와 함께 불꽃이 발생 발생한 후 동작을 멈춤, 내부 온도는 168.2℃가 측정되어 재현실험을 통해서 그 위험성을 입증하였다.
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  • Publisher :The Korean Society of Disaster Information
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국재난정보학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of the Society of Disaster Information
  • Journal Title(Ko) :한국재난정보학회논문집
  • Volume : 15
  • No :3
  • Pages :313-322